Johanis Ciandy

Community Educational Center
Merauke, Indonesia

Johanis Ciandy
c/o Church on the Rock
P.O. Box 20719
Beaumont, TX 77720, USA
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Johanis Ciandy is a GTCOTR supported missionary and a graduate of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. Johanis interned here at GTCOTR in youth ministry before returning to his home country of Indonesia to begin his missions work and youth outreach. Johanis conducts youth evangelism and teaches youth and adults in Churches in the region surrounding Merauke, Indonesia. Together with another minister, Johanis conducts a strategic outreach through a Community Educational Center for youth and families (many of whom are Muslim) in the city of Merauke. A number of youth have become Christians in recent months, especially through Youth Camp outreaches and the work of the Community Center.

This year 147 students attended youth camp and 57 of the youth were first time attendees; 38 repented and prayed to receive Jesus as the Lord for the first time; 73 joined the discipleship and leadership program to prepare them to work for the Lord and help in the ministry!