Pastor Sergey & Nina Gorokhov

Yoshkar-Ola Christian Center
Mari-El Republic, Russia

Pastor Sergey & Nina Gorokhov
c/o Church on the Rock
P.O. Box 20719
Beaumont, TX 77720, USA
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Yoshkar-Ola Christian Center (YOCC) was founded in 1993, in Mari-El Republic, Russia, by one of our elders, Robert Benlien. YOCC, which began with street meetings and evening meetings in a large auditorium, is now a thriving and regionally influential Church which continues to flourish.

Pastor Sergey Gorokhov, a Russian pastor, continues to oversee the Church, which is now pastored by Pastor Natalia. Pastor Sergey moved his family to begin a new strategic church and regional ministry in the city of Kazan, a large city in Russia with Russia’s largest concentration of Muslims.

Now Restoration Center is a growing group of believers that is making a great impact for the Gospel in the entire region.